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What is Japan Treasure Quest?

What is Japan Treasure Quest?


Located between Kyoto and Osaka, we are selling Japanese authentic craft products. Our main focus is on footwear.


Very easy. We sell rare products, hand made, made in Japan. The best only. By nature all of our products are unique, handmade. We sale at a very small scale, to people who will enjoyed our product and respect the craftsman work. I let work the artisan and once I received his item I advertise on the website. First arrived, first served. Their will be no second chance. However if you have a special request, leave me a message on the Japan Treasure Quest facebook page, I will do what I can for the next chest opening.

How is it working?

Once the item on sales are sold out I advertise a series of new ones on this website. Date of release and all relevant information will be announced on facebook.

Who am I?

I am a foreigner guy living in Japan for several years (and not getting younger). After being a company worker for some years I felt like I wanted to do something who really motivate me. Something I really like. I was thinking about it and try to find a way to solve this this issue while trying kimono’s and cool clothing. Why not sell Japanese traditional stuff? It’s a great idea! But let’s do it properly and don’t sell cheap shit. And… you got it already, it’s how Japan Treasure Quest is born.

So what should I sell? Well, what would I buy?

I am leaving between Kyoto and Osaka with a direct access to the few remaining locals craftsmen but my favorite stuff always has been shoes, mainly Geta, and traditional shoes. Looks good, good for your health, and it is super rare to find authentic products these days. Impossible to sell at a big scale. (What is good for me because I’m alone working on it, so quality over quantity).

For who?

You mainly. I mean, if you love Japan, if you are interested in Japanese culture. Maybe you love Kendo or other martial art, maybe you are a Budhist and need authentic Zori or you just like shoes. In any cases, whoever you are just……

Follow us to the next quest to get your dream item

And visit our shop!

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