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Fair pricing policy

My price politic is super clear: their is no price politics. Seriously, I pay the Japan Treasure Quest a fair price for authentic handmade products to support the few remaining craftsman in this industry. Because yes, Unfortunately the traditional footwear (especially geta) industry is dying in Japan as young people prefer wearing modern shoes. It become harder and harder to find the proper Wood as well as the hanao (the tissue on the top), there is only few artisan lefts in Japan who are still making them and most of them are old and with no one who want to continue their businesses their knowledge will most likely die with them. I will certainly not be able to save this ancestral industry by myself but paying them the fair price (and not entering the “cheap race”) is the less I can do. And come on! You are fine with paying your “nike” more than a 100 dollars, I am pretty sure that you can do it for an handmade pairs of traditional Japanese shoes.

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