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How to wear Japanese shoes (and relieve your back pain)

Relieve your back pain by correcting your posture

Two teeth geta:

The first time you will see your geta you might be tempted to wear them as they where a kind of oriental  flip-flops. Even if no one will arrest you for doing it, it is not the correct way to wear it.

Instead, you should push your feet back a bit and leave a gap between the strap and the connecting skin in between your toes. Ideally, the gap should be just wide enough for the tip of your little finger to fit through. The middle of the strap should also remain raised and not bent or twisted, in order to keep the material off the top of your foot. And know try not falling back… Ok?!   Here you are.

It might take a little to get use to this way of wearing shoes. However, once you succeeded it will be a real pleasure to walk hours with your Japanese shoes. Their is a lot of positive points to have a long walk wearing your geta:

It will strengthen you legs and correct your posture. You will amazing and avoid back pain.


Same as above for the Okobo. If your feet are in the front you risk to fall. Be very careful at first and once you find your equilibrium go for a walk.

One tooth Geta (Tengu Geta):

This one is a little bit tricky at first but not so hard to master. It is a same principle as two teeth geta except that you will immediately realize if you are doing it wrong. Though, those are the best for your body balance. If you wear them, it can make your upper body stronger. It is also said that wearing Ippon-Geta can heal back pain or gonalgia, too. Many Japanese athletes are wearing them during their preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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