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Okobo also called “pokkuri” and “koppori” are frequently were by young girls and Maikos. It is quite common to see a Maiko with her Okobos around the Gion area in Kyoto or walking around in Arashiyama.  They are made in wood with  a large base cut from a single piece (they are frequently painted in different colors, black/ red and white being the most common). The inside is hollow and may contain a small bell or tinkling noisemaker.

Those shoes are very elegant and need some practice to work properly with. But once you are good at it (small steps is the secret) it’s truly look amazing. It is made to be used with Kimono, pretty good for cosplay as you have plenty of characters using them in manga/anime but I personally love it with western clothes as well like a skirt or a simple jean.


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